Belated blogday to me!

So, I realised the other day that I missed my blog's one year anniversary. This is sadly typical and perfectly in line with how I treat birthdays and anniversaries in real life as well: I notice them on the calendar or otherwise remember them about three weeks in advance, at which point I go "oh right, I need to do something about that", but about three days before the actual event it will suddenly escape my mind and I won't remember again until at least a week later, by which point it will be too late to say anything without feeling at least slightly embarrassed. "I swear, I didn't forget, I just... remembered at the wrong time!"

I thought about just letting it slide in this case, as I so often do, but then I figured: hey, this is my blog, why would I be embarrassed about being late to congratulate myself? So here we go. Happy blogday to me! And I'm only two weeks late.

It's been an interesting year for sure. You see, I've been keeping a personal blog for over six years now, but it's never served any other purpose than to record stuff that happened in my life so I would remember it later, and to give my friends a way to stay in touch. It doesn't have the aim to entertain, so my writing there is often trite and I don't care.

With this blog, the moment I poured my thoughts on heroic Oculus on the web page, I knew that I meant for other people, complete strangers, to read it, so I tried to make sure to have an actual subject and a proper structure for every article. And then, once a few people actually started commenting, that created new dynamics as I began to take their opinion into account for future articles. Not to imply that I write purely for my readers - it's still about getting particularly persistent thoughts out of my head more than anything else - but I can't imagine writing something for a public audience and not caring about their reactions at all. It's a wondrous little world, that of a writer.

According to Google Analytics I seem to have an average of about a hundred page views per day. I did get linked by WoW.com once, in this article by Allison Robert, but it was a class-specific link in a class-related article, mentioned as a side note in a whole sea of links, so it didn't result in any noticeable craziness other than a traffic spike on that day, and I'm glad. I look at the kind of stuff that larger blogs often have to deal with and I'm really rather grateful that I'm not attracting that kind of attention.

Still, I'm happy with the progress I've made, trying to write more coherently while also posting at least once every couple of days. I hope I'll be able to keep it up. And thanks to my readers for reading; it's nice to know that some people get enjoyment out of looking at the things I write.


  1. Happy Bloggy-versary :)

    I think we are moderately similar in our readership (I'm probably a bit less than you in truth), but had a huge blip when I commented on WOW.com as well.

    The attention scared me and I'm content with who and what I blog for. Pleased you're the same and I enjoy reading you very much :)

    Hugs, Seph xxx

  2. Happy Blog Birthday!

    You are one of my favourite bloggers, you generally have thoughtful and interesting posts and usually a fresh perspective on things, not just following the "mainstream blogosphere opinion".

    I really like reading your posts, so keep it up please! :-)