A preview of Cataclysm fashion statements

I try to avoid most Cataclysm spoilers, but I don't mind hearing about mechanical changes or seeing the occasional screenshot. So I clicked on a link to MMO-champion, advertised on WoW.com as showing some Cataclysm caster armour sets, and found... that little guy from He-Man? What was his name? Orko!

You have to admit, the resemblance is absolutely uncanny. Makes me wonder if we can make any deductions about Cataclysm fashion in general from that. Are we going to move away from the dull Northrend browns and greys towards slightly more colourful and silly outfits again, if not quite as bad as the Outland clown suits? I think I'd like that, even if I'm not particularly keen on my own Orko outfit. After all, the elemental planes as a whole are probably pretty colourful places too. Gotta adjust to the environment!

Or maybe we'll all just end up looking like eighties cartoon characters.


  1. Looks like it, but Orko was already too simmilar to a MSX computer game character: Magical Wiz Kid
    This character also I'm sure inspired Vivi, the Final Fantasy Black Mage

  2. I dunno, neither of those guys seem to have that obvious face wrap. It's about more than just the floppy hat.

  3. I wouldn't mind rocking out some She-ra fashion!

    Orko even had a girlfriend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DreeElle.jpg

    I think I prefer Orko's face wrap to her lil veil, though.

  4. Oh my God, you are so right!

    That's hilarious.

    I guess we're just lucky we're not here yet: