Hurrah for patch day!

I've said before that I like patch days, especially for the little surprises they bring that might not even have been mentioned in the patch notes. Suddenly even meandering around Dalaran becomes interesting again.

For example, what's with those orange/brownish borders around several items in my inventory? Oh, they are quest items. Neat! I suppose it would be even neater if all quest items were actually marked as quest items, which they aren't (e.g. stuff like the Kor'kron Flare Gun), but for what it's worth it's nice to have the number of items that you might try to vendor by accident without being able to reduced even slightly.

Also, blue exclamation marks! They've been marking daily quests for a long time now, but if you actually clicked on the quest giver, the mark next to the quest title was still yellow, which could on occasion get a bit confusing if you were talking to an NPC that offered both regular and daily quests. No more, now the daily exclamation points are blue in that menu too. Rejoice!

I also noticed that all my high-level characters had gained a feat of strength called Emblematic, which is strange because earning an emblem of some kind is not hard at all, and more importantly still perfectly possible. So how is that different from Dungeon & Raid Emblem other than that it also applies to emblems that weren't looted off a corpse? (My level 72 alt has earned a few emblems from doing random dungeons but hasn't actually looted any yet, but she got the new feat of strength too).

One thing I didn't like so much was that Blizzard seems to have messed up the spawn rate of the cheese for Cheese for Glowergold. I've often had to work hard for my six wine glasses during peak times due to fierce competition, but getting that cheese was never a problem until today. This morning on the other hand I actually saw multiple people standing in the shop, vainly waiting for any cheese to spawn for several minutes. "I can't believe I'm spawn-camping a wheel of cheese," were my words in guild chat I believe.

And then of course there's the absurdity that Tobold has dubbed an "unnecessary click fest", aka converting your old battleground marks into honour. I agree that the system is annoying as anything, but on the other hand I can't deny that there's a certain hilarity inherent in watching people pile on top of the Horde Warbringer, emitting sparkles and being forced to do the train emote over and over again with every conversion they do.

What other small changes have people noticed?

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  1. That thing with the color of the question marks in the quest giver's dialogue box has annoyed me for YEARS. It's good to see some old annoyances finally getting cleared up.