Just some Direbrew thoughts

Brewfest is upon us, and with it Coren Direbrew and his cronies. He used to be one of my least favourite seasonal bosses, because trekking all the way to the middle of BRD for a two-minute fight? No, thanks.

However, just like with Ahune, having him accessible through the dungeon finder has completely converted me to the cause. Getting a Brewfest mount or any of the other goodies has never been easier, and my priest already found a kodo in her bag after her second run.

It's kind of scary just how easy he is to kill though. I already thought back in June that it was a bit silly to give out frost emblems for the five minutes of effort it took to kill Ahune - though I came to the conclusion that it didn't really matter much either way so shortly before the next expansion - but Direbrew is just... this isn't even a five minute fight. So far all of the groups I've been in have killed him in about twenty seconds, sometimes before he even had time to do his disarm move even once. I'm starting to feel like a fool for even bothering to buff, because by the time I've cast all my buffs the boss could already be half-dead. On my druid I "healed" the fight in feral spec today, because there didn't seem to be any point in even hitting my dual-spec button. I really didn't think that Blizzard could make getting frost emblems any easier at this point, but Coren Direbrew is the living quickly dying proof that they can. Cataclysm is going to be a harsh, but hopefully interesting, wake-up call after the extremes to which Blizzard went in order to shower us with gear upgrades this expansion.

I was disappointed to see that the loot table still consists of the same ilevel 200 trinkets by the way, but even more so that they still can't be vendored, unlike the cloaks from Ahune. I suppose they might still be of use for newly dinged alts if nothing else.

I was also surprised to see how many people pushed to immediately requeue for the same boss every time I killed him. Don't they know that all the special drops come in the loot bag now? You'd think they'd already know by now, considering that this isn't the first seasonal boss to be accessible via the new system. Or are there really that many people who are after the trinkets? There seriously isn't anything else to be gained from killing him over and over again on the same day.

On a side note, I wonder if there are other people who've accidentally queued for a heroic when they meant to join a group for Coren? I was hitting the dungeon finder for Direbrew on my shaman and wondering why it was taking so "long" to get a group (I had been in the queue for over a minute, as a healer /gasp) and when I finally got the ready-check pop-up, I ended up being faced with the Trial of the Champion loading screen. Oops? I expressed amusement in party chat but stuck around to complete the instance - no point in punishing others for my stupidity, and it's not like TotC takes more than ten minutes anyway.


  1. I never got why blizzard won't change/upgrade the holiday events and rewards a little every year - it's really boring how they're exactly the same every time around. =/ and like you said, getting the rewards is fairly easy, especially on brewfest - I remember us farming kodos and rams for every person in the guild, simply re-inviting an endless list of alts to get more attempts. I was trying hard not to fall asleep during some of those nights..

    I really love the holiday events in WoW but the fact that you can just 'farm through' them like this and they hardly get changed is a bit sad imo. I think sometimes Blizzard doesn't realize how little effort it would take to make a lot of people happy: for example I'd be out exploring azeroth for elder stones every time at the lunar festival, if they ever bothered to add a single new tailoring recipe to the rewards in moonglade since back in year one.

  2. I noticed the instant re-queuing too. People really must not have realised. If they were new 80s I'd think they were trying for the trinkets, but they're usually NOT new 80s.

    I got the ram on my hunter first round - haven't done round two yet, it's coming today. I keep hoping for the kodo though. Please please please gief kodo.

    And I agree that it'd be nice if they upgraded the loot even if just a little. ilevel 232 surely wouldn't be too much to ask?

  3. Hey, for us non-raiders, getting an extra pair of Frosties is a nice thing. I was curious if something else might drop on a second run through Corien (pun intended), but no dice.

    Now, all I have to do is do enough dailies to get that Brew of the Month Club....

  4. Coren was formerly a level 70 boss, back in the TBC days. It got revamped to level 80 but as you point out, it's strange loot hasn't changed. Ahune was pumped from level 70 to level 80 with ilevel 232 cloaks, so I was hoping the same for Coren. Looks like they have no time to dedicate to a seasonal boss and Cata is one step closer every day.

  5. Btw, probably this will also mean Headles horseman (next seasonal boss) won't have anything changed too. At least the mounts are worth the try, plus the frosties.

  6. Ya, the boss went down before the pally finished buffing everybody last night one time. Is fairs ta call it an easy fight.

    No mounts, but a couple of me alts is enjoying new trinkets this morning, and we all got some quick Frosties, so I got no complaints. Expect he'll be buffed ta 85 next year. I reallies don't see a way fer ta make holibosses balanced when is folks stretched from blues ta Tier 10; best just ta leave it accessible fer all, and give raiders the option fer ta go fer lolmounts if'n they wants, is me opinion.