Revenge of the search terms

Been a while since I did one of these, and people have found their way to this blog with quite a few, erm, "interesting" search terms since then.

big tongues - I do hope that whoever came here for these was looking for articles about the Oracles in Sholazar Basin, and not... you know, other things.

can a priest be your friend - Of course! I'll be your friend!

cast into a pit of bees wow pug dungeon blog - I think you're looking for the Murloc Parliament. I wouldn't call them a "pug dungeon blog", but they certainly cast people into their bee pit if they piss them off.

days of thunder headlamp roleplayer us for master toast given here - ... Excuse me?

dead kings vs druids - My money would be on the druids simply for not being dead.

dragon age bad pug - A multiplayer mode for Dragon Age would certainly be interesting... or you could consider the entire adventuring party in it a bad pug I guess, considering how much they bitch at each other at times.

dungeon finder bang script - I got up to "bang" and then my brain shut down.

get gabbin or get going - Shut up! Nobody talks like that!

got loremaster now what - Now you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done and then focus on a different part of the game... or unsubscribe. I'm kind of surprised you have to ask...

heroic gnomer - Ack no, don't give them ideas!

how come silithus wasn't shattered - Have you ever been to the place? It's all sand and rocks, hard to make that look any worse.

how to stop ranting - Tell me if you find out!

is there any way for a holy priest to not be so squishy - Yes, it's called "rerolling paladin".

jaina and sylvanas slash - The sad thing is, I'm almost intrigued. I can hardly think of two women in the Warcraft universe who could possibly be any less friendly with each other.

monasteryporn - ... Of course I'm making it worse now by reposting this here.

my priest doesn't speak english - Neither does mine, but she's fluent in Troll and Orcish.

orgrimmar has changed and i have no idea where to go anymore - Aw, I know the feeling. Don't be disheartened; see it as an opportunity to explore the game as if you were a newbie again. Just ask the guards for information, or even general chat if you're desperate. You'll quickly find that many important facilities are actually more convenient to access than ever before.

proxy lama - Hm, that's one kind of llama I don't know. Will one of these do instead?

stop ranting - No!

taelan big butt - Hang on, are we talking about the same Taelan here? The son of Tirion Fordring that joined the Scarlet Crusade and died tragically after he finally turned his back on them? Why in the world are you concerning yourself with the size of his rear?

the lich king killed my computer - The bastard! With any luck he'll resurrect it as more powerful than before though.

varian and jaina get together spoilers - Won't someone think of the poor people looking at their Google Analytics? Maybe they don't want to be spoiled?

when are the most people online in my guild? - Do you really think Google will know the answer to that?

zul'farrak heroic - Now this I could get behind. Hmm, heroic pyramid event...


  1. is there any way for a holy priest to not be so squishy - Yes, it's called "rerolling paladin".

    Can I hear and Amen??


    monasteryporn - ... Of course I'm making it worse now by reposting this here.

    Maybe they're thinking of that sex scene in The Name of the Rose.

  2. That's funny, considering none of my search terms include anything about bees or pits. Oh well.

  3. ZF heroic is an awesome idea, I love that place! Back when we were a social guild (and leveling to your 40s a bigger accomplishment than it is today), I considered it my duty to get everyone their carrot on a stick trinket.

  4. "days of thunder headlamp roleplayer us for master toast given here - ... Excuse me?"

    Ahahaha! Sounds like that thing where if you're typing and someone's on the phone near you, you accidentally type what they're saying. Either that or someone does not understand the concept of Googlewhacking.


  5. Yes, it's called "rerolling paladin".

    This made me lol :)

    Those are some very interesting search terms you've got there. Makes me think I should install Google Analytics - if only for the funny search terms!

  6. @Reala: Haha, that's a good theory for explaining that phrase. I wouldn't know how else to make any sense of it.

    @Saga: Do keep in mind that those funnies are hidden among a few thousand variations of really boring search terms such as "priest 4.0" or "healing valithria". ;)

  7. The one-L lama,
    He's a priest.
    The two-L llama,
    He's a beast.
    And I would bet
    A silk pajama
    There isn't any
    Three-L lllama.

    --Ogden Nash

  8. Well caught, Dàchéng. Though a "proxy lama" still doesn't make any sense to me, no matter which L lama you try to apply.