About the author

I originally created this blog because I liked World of Warcraft a lot, and I seem to have a hard time not talking about the things I like. At the same time I've always hated to bore people with stories that don't interest them, which is why the WoW-related posts on my personal blog quickly started to feel out of place. The obvious solution: a new blog, dedicated to WoW only. The name was chosen due to me maining a priest at the time (first shadow, then holy).

My posts mostly consist of a mix of stories about experiences I've had in the game and more general ponderings about its direction. I try to maintain a balance between using this as my personal in-game diary and just looking at the game as something abstract. I generally don't write guides - they are useful, but in a blog format they are not something I personally care to read or write.

As far as WoW credentials go, I started playing in late Vanilla, with my first character hitting level sixty a few weeks before the release of the Burning Crusade. I switched from Alliance to Horde pretty early on, though I still played characters on both sides of the fence throughout the next two expansions. I also raided on what I'd consider a medium progression level for years but gave up on it about halfway through Cataclysm due to dissatisfaction with the raiding game.

I eventually quit WoW in early 2012, until early information about the Warlords of Draenor expansion piqued my interest again and I returned for a brief stint in Mists of Pandaria. This interest did not last however, as I realised that I just felt no connection to the live game anymore and only pined for the way it used to be in the old days.

In 2015 I discovered the world of Vanilla private servers and wrote about my adventures on those for a while. When Classic was announced, I was happy to finally have a reason to come back for good. These days I main a night elf hunter in <Order of the Holy Fork> on Hydraxian Waterlords-EU. I still spend time playing and writing about other MMORPGs though, most notably Star Wars: The Old Republic (which I consider my online home these days) and Neverwinter Online.

In real life I'm a 37-year-old Austrian living in England. I moved in order to live with my now ex-boyfriend, whom I met through WoW, but stayed because I met... other nice people, such as my husband.

I read all the comments people leave, but I'm not always very good at replying to them since I hate to artificially increase my comment count by saying things like "oh yes, I agree". Do know that if you do decide to leave a message, it does get read and appreciated. You can also email me at shintarcommando at gmail.com if you want to contact me and I'm on Twitter as @ShintarCommando.



  1. Shintar, do you need the underscore ("_") in your e-mail? Just curious.

  2. Yep, two underscores, one before and one after "Irish". It's a very old e-mail account, these days I'd have better sense than to create clunky addresses like that.

  3. However, it is great to defeat spammers.

  4. Cheers. Thanks for your blog. Quality reading.

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