Pug like a pro

This morning I logged onto my paladin to do the jewelcrafting daily as usual. While riding around Dalaran I decided to also check out the daily heroic quest and it turned out to be Azjol-Nerub. "Ooh," I thought to myself, "I only have a couple of hours before I have to go to work, but AN is nice and short; I'll be able to do that, no problem." So I hopped on LFG while I did my jewelcrafting daily. Shortly after I had finished it I got recruited into a party as a tank. The group filled up quickly, we got to the instance in no time and then breezed right through it with no deaths and amazing dps.

Feeling satisfied, I hearthed back to Dalaran, handed in and logged off to take care of a couple of other things. When I was done I logged back in, looked at the time and decided that I had more than enough time left to run the daily with my priest as well. Especially considering that I might not get to play in the evening, it seemed sensible to make sure that also I got my daily dose of emblems of triumph for my main.

Again I joined the LFG channel and got snatched up within a couple of minutes. Another few minutes later the party was full and at the instance. Another smooth run followed, though this one had a couple of deaths as people died from things like pulling aggro off a crusher or standing in Anub'arak's pound. Not much I can do about that as a healer.

As I handed in my second copy of the idle crown of Anub'arak I looked at the time again and saw that I had about an hour of play time left. Each run so far had taken about thirty minutes, including things like assembling the group. I had two level eighties left that hadn't done the instance yet. Should work, right?

And it did. Yes, I completed heroic Azjol-Nerub two more times in the following hour, once tanking it on my druid (who only dinged 80 two days ago, crafted gear rocks so much) and once providing dps on my hunter.

As much as I love running instances, I think pugging the daily heroic no less than four times before going to work has to be some kind of record even for me. I feel kind of dorky for doing it, but at the same time - it only took about two hours! Just goes to show how fast you can actually achieve things in WoW when you're focused.

Also, I think it speaks for the quality of my server that not a single one of the four pugs I joined contained anyone who played badly or acted like an idiot. Though I'm wondering if it wasn't also related to the time of day: at the risk of sounding ageist, all the kids are at school in the late morning hours...

Either way, I can heartily recommend heroic Azjol-Nerub for some quick and painless daily heroic fun, and as my example shows pugging really isn't always a bad option for it either!

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  1. My WoW-envy knows no bounds :)

    Doing a heroic is still a massively big deal for me, I've doen UK (unhappily) and last night I did DTK with not-quite-geared guildies so it was really damn hard. We did it though. Somehow!