You know what needs updating?

So many things in WoW are constantly being changed, nerfed, updated, and yet we still have this:

The ugly default portraits for party frames. Did female tauren ever look like this? In the early beta maybe? Hell, the male tauren doesn't look all that much like its current live version either.

I still remember when my friend and I formed a party while being apart for the first time, back in our early night elf days, and how horrified we were by the way the other one had apparently suddenly acquired a zombie-like complexion and bright red hair.

Never mind nerfing cooking, this is the kind of stuff that needs looking at!


  1. Gross, beta female tauren! Please tell me it doesn't use the beta female troll too!!

  2. Using X-Perl you can replace the static 2D pictures of party members with their real head in 3D. Only when they're away revert to default 2D pics.
    Speaking of this, something I had also on my mind yesterday: the icons for actionbars need also some polishing. For very long time several skills/spells have the same icon on different classes (isn't that hard to make different ones?). Also some of them could use some antialiasing, if not a total redesign.

  3. I tried out X-Perl at some point but eventually decided against using anything that modifies the default UI so heavily, because every time a patch breaks it, everything looks weird and it's a massive hassle to update and set up again.

  4. Well, never had a problem with that. Everything a patch starts showing its nose X-Perl gets updated. Since old vanilla WoW I haven't had any issue with the UI while using X-Perl.

  5. Yeah - Xperl is the way to go to customize your IU. along w/ bartender, grid, grid buff and debuff (since you have a healer - also great for officer/raid leaders that like to know what is going on) and the other common must have add ons. Also w/ xperl - you can get rid of the party icons on the side all together if you want - and have a fully open IU to concentrate on DPS or what ever your roll is. It declutters the screen - not to mention your other bars that have the random stuff not used for battle can "hide" - completely awesome addon :)