On Levelling on a PvP Server

I have more than a passing interest in PvP, but at the same time I'm far from being a hardcore PvPer. Generally I tend to go through phases of high interest in it, which alternate with long periods of me barely doing any at all.

However, one thing I had never done in any MMO before I started playing on Kronos was roll a character on a PvP server. It just didn't seem like my cup of tea, because as I said, there are times when I feel like PvP and times when I don't. I had no interest in forcing it on others or having it forced on me while in the middle of doing something else. You can participate in battlegrounds and have honourable duels on a PvE server too.

At the same time, I did wonder about life on a PvP server sometimes. Some people managed to make it sound quite exciting, and if you've ever had someone of the opposite faction "steal" a gathering node from right under your nose for example, the thought of being able to stop them - or at least get revenge - holds a certain appeal.

So when I found out that whether I chose to play on Nostalrius or on Kronos, I would be on a PvP server, I wasn't too put off. It was worth a try, wasn't it?

Kronos' not too massive population has been helpful in that regard. I was nearly level twenty when I encountered my first Horde player and it was around level thirty that I got ganked for the first time. So far I've never been singled out by a level 60, and I've never been corpse camped. It's been a bit annoying to die and have to do a corpse run just because an orc warrior suddenly jumped out from behind a tree when all I really wanted to do was get from one end of Stranglethorn to the other, but it wasn't the end of the world.

This weekend has really made me rethink the whole thing though, especially since people in guild were discussing the subject as well. PvPers like to argue that playing on a PvP server makes things more exciting - and it kind of does. But to be honest, the only times you come away from this excitement feeling good is when you win. Like that one time an orc hunter tried to kill me on an island off the coast of Desolace. We got into this weird stalemate where he would run or recall his pet whenever I went after either of them, but if I healed up and tried to walk away he would give chase again. We must have swum around the island for a good ten minutes or so when it looked like he managed to get himself trapped in an exhaustion zone without noticing, because we were both in the water and he suddenly lost a huge amount of health quickly and then dropped dead without my intervention. I got a good laugh out of that and felt like he got his just desserts for insisting on harassing me.

The past weekend was less amusing. First I was trying to do that quest at the Grimtotem village in Feralas to free some Sprite Darters. I knew that a Horde rogue and warlock were nearby, but they seemed to be minding their own business so I felt reasonably safe. However, as soon as I started the quest, they were suddenly on top of me and ended up killing both me and my quest NPC - which was annoying in so far as the quest is timed, and even though I had technically succeeded at the objective, I failed the quest since the NPC was dead and I couldn't hand it in. After she respawned I made a point of waiting for the two Horde players to bugger off before I even tried again.

Worse though was when on Sunday I tried to do the mechanical chicken escort in Tanaris. I had already failed it once - my own fault that time - and really wanted to get it done the second time. I was so glad when I was finally only mere meters away from Steamwheedle Port, as good as done... until two tauren hunters suddenly decided to come up behind me and killed both me and the chicken. I'm usually not easy to upset when it comes to PvP, but that really filled me with rage, and if it hadn't been for the language barrier I would have given those tauren a piece of mind involving a lot of swearwords I usually never use. That freaking escort quest takes twenty minutes, and you think it's fun to kill me five meters from the finish line? GG, dickbags.

Soon after that, I logged off for the day even though I hadn't achieved much that weekend. Suddenly I really hated Kronos for being a PvP server. The truth is, I've never had the urge to initiate combat with the opposite faction, so if I'm being honest I'm just making myself a punching bag for other players by going along with it. All that ever happens is that I get attacked by people who are several levels above me, in twink gear, or in a group. Sometimes things get turned around and they are the ones who end up with egg on their face, but that's a cold comfort when compared to the amount of my time that ends up getting wasted by corpse-running and having to re-do quests. I've put up with it because there were no other options at the time, but weekends like these really make me wonder whether it's worth it when I could be having fun with something else where other players aren't able to ruin my enjoyment every step of the way. My free time is really too precious to me these days to waste it on nonsense like that. The notion of a rage quit has never been closer to my heart.


  1. My time on a WoW PvP server --Stormscale US-- made me twitchy.

    I still talk about getting the shakes whenever I'd go to Tarren Mill, or thinking I had nobody around me and I'd suddenly be one shot by some Rogue or Hunter.

    But I survived Stormscale because it was a West Coast server, and I'd be on at 6 AM EST when it was 3 AM PST. With nobody around, I was able to get my questing done without being ganked. (Much.)

    1. Unfortunately it's hard to find a good "quiet time" on Kronos since it attracts players from all over the world. Though even if there was one, it probably wouldn't gel with when I actually have time to play these days.

      Was Stormscale your main home though or just a place where you happened to have an alt?

  2. I remember running away from a gnome warlock in the Hinterlands while leveling for about an hour, he was better than me and kept waiting for me to respawn. That was when I understood I didn't stand much chance as he had the carrot speed bonus and hearthed.

    I personaly make a point on helping leveling players of both faction when I meet them during my travels (unless maybe when they get over 50+), but I can understand how frustrating it can be when this is not the case. Especially when there are few other options (eg : no alt to play instead).

    I wish you well and hope the great moments during dungeons, in guildchat or whispering friends outweigh the ganking. Cheers.

  3. I play on Kronos too. In fact I've already teased you for your questionable dress code. /grin

    "PvPers like to argue that playing on a PvP server makes things more exciting - and it kind of does. But to be honest, the only times you come away from this excitement feeling good is when you win."
    "All that ever happens is that I get attacked by people who are several levels above me, in twink gear, or in a group."
    "(...) where other players aren't able to ruin my enjoyment every step of the way."

    A few suggestions for you:
    #1 Kronos is a 1.12 server. Unlike the early Classic back then on retail, people actually have the option of skipping certain areas, even whole zones altogether when levelling. Use and abuse this as much as you can. Yes, you can absolutely hit 60 without ever completing a single quest in the infamous STV, for instance. And without endlessly grinding boars either.
    #2 Attempting zones at or close to their minimum level is called asking for it. Yes, you can actually do stuff in Un'goro at level 48, for instance. But you'll be picked upon relentlessly, hence such endeavors are advisable only in groups.
    #3 Paladins are quite durable and self-sufficient in generic PvE scenarios. Use that to your advantage, avoiding the roads as much as you can. Burning Steppes, both Plaguelands, Silithus - a few examples where heading into the thick of wilderness can and does actually save time, not having to bother with (as much) unwanted PvP action.
    #4 Classic WoW has a lot of choke points, hot spots by design. Dungeon entrances (BRM and AQ being the prime examples), neutral hubs/cities, travel hubs (zeppelin/boat), and so on. An efficient levelling process will try to minimize exposure to them. Either by resorting to unusual hours (for instance EU mornings), if such option is available/feasible, either by simply not bothering with quest objectives/routes which imply closeness to the said spots.
    #5 From level 50 onward, use your class, plus being in a levelling guild, to your advantage. You can and should do a lot of dungeon runs, which in turn will alleviate a hefty part of the experience you need in order to reach the level cap. Run BRD (nota bene: not ST, you'll have a much harder time finding groups for that) ad nauseam until ~56, and then try to catch as many opportunities as you can to heal Stratholme, Scholomance, LBRS. Most 60s will not object to lowbies, particularly in the case of healers (and ranged dps, to a lesser degree).

    That much said, any forest has its rotten tries. Try a lighthearted approach, not allowing yourself to be bothered by mishaps all that much.

    1. Haha, it's a small world (server)!

      I appreciate your advice (and maybe it will be useful to someone else who happens to find this post), but one of the main reasons I'm playing on Kronos is nostalgia for the old world, not to reach max level and engage in endgame. So being out in the world and doing all those well-known quests (even in places like Stranglethorn) is largely the point.

      That said, I will probably give it another go, as there is some comfort in the idea of getting close to max level and leaving at least the below 60 gankers behind me. There was just way too much crap in that single weekend.

  4. I'm sorry to hear your upsetting tale, Shintar. Your post nicely described why I hate PvP. I do have plenty more reasons than highlighted here though.

    Would you please join us on the Nostalrius PvE realm? The Nostalrius project is the most advanced, most "blizzlike" vanilla WoW experience currently available and people on the PvE server are very friendly and helpful. Right after launch players were queuing in an orderly fashion, waiting to loot The Emerald Dreamcatcher – politely waiting in a queue! Can you believe that? When I did that quest on the PvP server everyone tried to click as fast as possible to be able to grab the item first and when someone suggested a queue they were laughed at and insulted. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend the Nostalrius PvE server to anyone looking for a decent and authentic classic WoW realm. Will you at least think about it? I’d gladly join you as a leveling buddy, maybe a Tank and Healer combo? :)

    1. I will think about it. Remind me which faction you play over there?

    2. Maldwiz, your blatant advertisement is distasteful, to put it mildly. As for your claims of unmatched excellency, they're as laughable for someone who has actually tried Nostalrius as the rest of your comment. By the way, the people who play on Nostalrius PvE are merely PvP converts - the same old bag of dickheads. But sure, go ahead and sell your marvelous tales of flying pigs. With enough patience, you are more than likely to catch gullible victims in your net.

      GGWP. I have to admit I did struggle quite a bit to avoid using profanities. GGWP.

    3. Thank you for this excellent and very useful comment, Anonymous. It really speaks for itself.

      Shintar, I usually play Alliance but I'd surely enjoy leveling on the other side for a change, accompanied by a seasoned Horde veteran like Shintar the Troll Priest. Just send me an e-mail if you're interested, so we can make some arrangements.

    4. No need to get into a Kronos vs. Nostrils war in the comment section, Anonymous. They both have their pros and cons, and everyone knows Nostalrius players like to advertise their server with near-religious zeal. :P

      You have to admit that bringing up a viable PvE option in response to a post complaining about getting ganked on a PvP server is a valid response. Cause in the end it doesn't matter if those players on Nostrils PvE are nice or not - the different ruleset restricts hostile behaviour.