LFG Sunken Temple

My interest in playing on Kronos is currently faltering again, which is a real shame considering that I'm only three dings away from sixty. However, I've once again hit the "grouping wall", which is not a hard-coded obstacle to progression but certainly a psychological one. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I can't remember for sure now.

It's that point when your quest log is full of group quests that prevent you from enjoying playing on your own because you can only pick up one or two new solo quests at a time, which really sucks when you know that there are more things than that to do in the area you are in. On the other hand you really, really want to do that group content, so you don't want to abandon those group quests either... which means that you log in, idle in Ironforge for a bit while keeping an eye on the world channel, and then log out again when no opportunity arises quickly enough.

The culprit that's causing my current dilemma is Sunken Temple. I have five quests for it, and it's one of my favourite Vanilla instances, so I really want to do it. However, at level 57 I'm quickly approaching the point where I'm going to outlevel it, so I want to get it done sooner rather than later and not detour to higher-level places like BRD too early.

Two weeks ago, an LFG call for it went out shortly before I had to log off, meaning that I couldn't join because of time constraints.

One week ago, I saw a group that was looking for a tank but wanted a "fast run", skipping many of the bosses in the process, which wouldn't have helped with getting any of my quests done. The irony was that said group spent at least an hour spamming "LF1M, need tank" in /world and I don't know if they ever found one. Could have been killing some bosses already in that time if the group leader hadn't been so opposed to it.

This week, there was another group looking for a tank and a dps, but I was told that they didn't want a pally tank. Sadface.

I still like the old-fashioned way of looking for groups for its community-building aspects, but I won't deny that it makes life as a casual player much harder. I never had issues like this back in original Vanilla, because I had lots of free time, meaning that I was online for several hours a day, pretty much every day. (Not to mention that I was playing with friends, so forming a group was made easier by that as well.) When you're only on for a few hours each weekend though, being able to find a group for the content you actually need is very much a game of luck.

EDIT: It's worth mentioning that as soon as I posted this, I ran into a certain level 60 paladin who has commented on this blog before, and when I mentioned my plight with this instance, he immediately offered to run me through (with some pugged dps). Is there a word for the opposite of jinxing it (which is to say: complaining about how bad something is, and then the issue immediately goes away)?


  1. A word? I have three for you: stop being silly. Good things come to those who wait. =p

  2. The experience event might also be playing against you with players focusing on high-experience reward, short time spent. In my experience I have had much more luck by whispering players of the appropriate level-range than by asking on the world channel.

    Check out http://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/98002-Guide-How-to-make-a-dungeon-party! for a quick invite macro.

  3. I just joined yesterday but I'm having a blast and my desire for old content is clearly not just nostalgia. Leveling is more rewarding and the game feels like an rpg again. I've had a great time reading this blog and I hope to see you on the server

    1. Welcome to Kronos! Enjoy Vanilla WoW, still good in 2016.