Level 60 Ding!

I actually meant to post this a few days ago, but decided to postpone it due to the Nostalrius drama being more topical. I hit level 60 on Kronos!

The crucial moment came when I handed in some quests to Donova Snowden in Winterspring. An orc hunter stood by and cheered for me, then put me into an ice trap and ran off. It amused me. Of course, as soon as I tried to continue towards the next nearest quest giver, I got killed by an undead rogue. Oh well, just can't trust those Horde players.

Here's my /played time as a newly minted level 60:

There are still a lot of things to do and a lot of things to say about the Vanilla experience, but for now I'm simply happy to have achieved this goal and shall leave you with some more screenshots from my levelling experience.

The Corporal Keeshan escort quest teaches Alliance players early on that escorting NPCs is a pain in the butt (and that grouping up is beneficial).

It was nice to see this nice quotable scene "live" again.

In general, Vanilla made it preferable to travel on the roads because it was much safer than going cross-country. Except when it wasn't.

I always liked going to Stormwind Keep and finding someone else in the middle of revealing Onyxia's true identity.

Re-reading this gave me goosebumps. Some quests in Vanilla were seriously creepy and sad.

Speaking of safety on roads and in towns...

I don't think many people do a lot of fishing while levelling up. I did.

That moment when finding a blue BoE was the most exciting thing ever.

Old Dalaran! I remember being absolutely mesmerised by this big purple bubble back in the day, and it still fascinated me upon revisiting it.

I loved having the old Thousand Needles back. The post-Cata version isn't bad, just... meh.

This just amused me.

Another very quotable dungeon boss.

The one quality of life issue that frequently annoys me: that trying to do anything while mounted (take a flightpath, attack something) won't dismount you automatically.

Learning how to become an expert in First Aid.

Still an epic moment.

Oh the grief this quest caused me! But eventually I got there. I also loved just watching our footprints in the sand.

In comparison, this escort quest was both funnier and much easier.

Isadora's first Alterac Valley was mostly a lot of riding around and dying quickly.

When <Bohemia> announced that they were about to place Onyxia's head on the gates, I (and others) ran over to witness it because it gives a nice buff. Just another one of those small community touches.

One of the more frequent, if harmless, glitches on Kronos is that mobs love to get stuck in or on trees.

Saving Sharpbeak stood out as one of the few quests that wasn't properly scripted on Kronos - upon completion poor Sharpie just keeps lying in his cage! Poor thing.

I remember seeing this glitch back in Vanilla. It's entertaining that even that gets reproduced on a private server.

Proving the old adage that the better the gear, the more ridiculous it looks. I'm actually wearing a shirt underneath, but since it's dirty white it doesn't really help much...
The 7x XP event led to a noticeable rise in multiboxers levelling alts.
After what they did with the place in Cata, it was sobering to see the old Light's Hope Chapel again. It's hardly what you'd call a beacon of hope, just another stop in an incredibly dreary endgame zone. Needs more light!


  1. Right on time, then. Congratulations on your long journey (even more so as a paladin, I know I wouldn't have done it) :) I hope to soon see and read what will come next, what paths you will follow.Travel safe.

    1. "I hope to soon see and read what will come next, what paths you will follow."

      I vote for upgrading her platekini to Enchanted Thorium Breastplate. Yeah, sounds about right for a first step. /grin

  2. Congrats!

    Although it is a bit sobering, I liked the old Light's Hope Chapel for what it was: a point of light in and endless sea of darkness.