Classic Videos

While people continue to speculate on just how much of the love for Vanilla WoW is nostalgia and how much isn't, let's have some actual nostalgia - in video form!

This was one of the first WoW videos I ever saw. Set to a popular Weird Al song, it's full of visual gags and I remember watching it over and over and over again. Weird Al being represented by a troll also seemed strangely apt.

I think this was the first WoW video with a parody song that I ever saw. I was just blown away by the cleverness of the lyrics and how well it was all done. It's no coincidence that the guy who made the video, Terran Gregory, went on to make cinematics for Blizzard themselves and has been with them for over ten years now...

This one was fun for all the jokes about class clich├ęs. At least some of them were definitely accurate.

This one I didn't actually find until much later, but it also hails from that era at least.

If you got any fun, old-school favourites of your own, feel free to share!


  1. Boy, those take you back to a simpler time.... What, was it only 13 years ago?

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    1. Sorry, it seems the large number of links caused your comment to be flagged as spam!

      Amish Paradise is definitely another classic - also for having been recorded at what feels like 3 frames a second, lol. What is it with WoW players and Weird Al anyway?

      Nyhm is definitely from Burning Crusade though, he's a blood elf! I do have fond memories of his music videos as well though, stuff like Hard Like Heroic and Ni Hao.