My Classic TBC Plans

It may seem a bit early to make detailed plans for Burning Crusade Classic when we don't even have a release date for it yet, but there's a lot of context to this already and I thought I might as well commit my thoughts to writing. If nothing else, they will be interesting to look back on in a few months' time to see how many of my plans actually panned out.

I've explained in the past why Burning Crusade was my favourite expansion, and even when work on Classic had only just started I was already dreaming of a Classic Crusade.

In the run-up to Classic's launch, there was a lot of sneering from many corners of the internet about how Classic fans were all just blinded by nostalgia, how the game was actually pretty bad and people just viewed it through rose-tinted glasses because they associated it with a time when they were younger and more carefree. I already knew that this definitely wasn't true for me, as my experience on private servers had reminded me that vanilla WoW was indeed simply a damn good game and an extremely enjoyable virtual world to spend time in.

However... I have to admit that I had some doubts about Burning Crusade Classic at certain points last year. Sure, WoW's first expansion objectively expanded the game world and improved class balance in major ways, but at the same time all the things I really loved about it back in 2007 were heavily tied up with meeting people, playing with friends and overcoming challenges as a group. Around the time when I felt at my lowest and loneliest in Classic, I was starting to doubt what a Classic Crusade could really offer me. Just questing through Outland on my own and maybe running a few dungeons with pugs was unlikely to be all that thrilling.

Of course, then I got recruited into a guild and that changed everything, including my outlook on Classic BC. Now that I will have a friendly group of people to run dungeons and raid with, I'm ecstatic. Sure, it won't be exactly the same as it was back in the day, but I do expect the content to still be as fun, and with some good company (even if it's different company) I'm likely to have an excellent time.

This shift in focus also means that I'll be approaching the expansion's launch in quite a different way compared to Classic. While I did binge a bit on Classic at launch and spent some time playing with my friends (even if they didn't hang around for long), my focus was largely on exploring the world and re-familiarising myself with its quests. Comparatively, Outland is more like a giant puzzle waiting to be unlocked with all its reputations and attunement quest chains. The land mass is much smaller and all relevant to endgame to some degree anyway, so there isn't as much of an incentive for me to slowly enjoy my journey through Zangarmarsh or whatever, because I'll continue to spend time there at max level anyway.

So I'll be going what you could call the min-maxer's route to puzzle-solving, by focusing on running dungeons with my guildies to maximise my early reputation gains and avoid the literal hell that is going to be Hellfire Peninsula on launch day. (Even with layering, Classic's many starting zones were packed at launch - now picture all of those people piled into a single zone instead...)

This wasn't my own idea, mind you... my guild's main bear tank just happens to be an absolute TBC junkie, and many months ago already it came up during a half-joking conversation that some of us should form a levelling group once Classic BC comes out. That half-joke eventually turned serious and I was like: Sure, why not? Let's do it. Though with no launch date we obviously haven't been able to hash out all the details in regards to time investment etc.

I'm planning to level my hunter first, who'll go from being a middle-of-the-pack class with underwhelming profession choices for Classic to a top dps with almost perfectly min-maxed skills. I expect to do a lot of hipster-style complaining about how I was a hunter/leatherworker before it was cool. I also expect that chasing various attunement and profession goals will keep me busy for a while, but should I need a break from all that grinding at some point, I'll probably be levelling my pally and my druid (who should hit 60 before the expansion's release) next - perhaps in a less min-maxed manner, but we'll see how I'll feel about that closer to the time.

Wish me luck! And if you're playing Classic yourself, have you given any thought yet to how you're going to spend your time come Burning Crusade?


  1. I agree with you in that TBC is my favorite expansion. This is where I got into raiding, having dropped out in Vanilla before I even got to that "age." There was too much drama in Wrath, and by the time Cata came around my guild's raiding heyday was over.

    So this is where I'll plant my flag. I'll be completely relocating once it comes out.

  2. I'm considering heavy dungeon grinding also, if I manage to level and gear my BE pally in time (I'm going to reroll). I hope TBC prepatch will last long enough.

  3. I have some friends who are considering rolling Horde toons and seeing the raids at level. They never did them when they were current so they'd like to have that chance again. (At least this time we'll be on a PvE server as they learned that lesson. ^_^) Whether or not any of this actually occurs, it will be fun to hang out and level toons together.

  4. Dungeon grinding will 100% be the right way to go, at least in the first week or so when Hellfire Peninsula will be packed. Once the first wave of levelers has moved on to other zones it won't be so bad. It will be less XP leveling through dungeons but more efficient due to not having to compete for mobs. Plus you will build up the rep you need along the way for Kara attunement and others.

  5. I'm completely unsure what to do. Back then my dungeon group in classic ran out of steam and so my Warrior is still at 45 and my solo Rogue at 35. Don't even want to think about the two lower alts.

    So I'm not sure if I'll even play, I sunk so much time into TBC and I'm totally not excited to repeat the rep grind. I'm sure I'd get some form of enjoyment out of it, but I'd have to get to 60 first and this is still pre-multispec, meh... So I guess I'll postpone the decision until it's too late and I can justify not playing by having to toon at 60 :(

    1. I thought you were one of the people interested in the level boost for that reason! Are you put off by it not being free or...?

    2. Guess I should be the target audience...

      But I guess it's more.. "if I was at max-level, I'd just continue playing" but putting down money might be enough of a barrier. Unlike many people I didn't have any rose-colored glasses, Vanilla Classic felt exactly as tedious as I remembered it and I also remember the attunement and rep grind (which I did on several characters). I guess I'd be motivated with a guild, but I'm probably not betting on my failed instance group only to fail again ;) But still some time to think about it...