Tier Four Cleared

Well, that was faster than expected. I mean, I always knew that tier four wasn't going to keep even my casual guild progressing for too long, considering that it only consists of Karazhan and three 25-man bosses, but the sheer speed with which we cleared it has still been a surprise to me.

Karazhan was fully clearable for us from day one; a wipe here or there just meant that it initially took too long to clear in a single night, meaning that people had to come back for the last two or three bosses another evening. Still, for the last two weeks, the groups I was in were already pulling off full one-night clears, including Netherspite and Nightbane.

Our first official 25-man raid was two weeks ago. We had a few quick wipes on High King Maulgar (mostly from early mage tank deaths) but once we got that down he was a relatively easy kill. Gruul himself was a somewhat tougher nut to crack, with his combo of RNG and personal responsibility to not wipe the raid during Shatter, but we still managed to kill him that same night as well. We then had a brief look at Magtheridon but didn't get very far. There was supposed to be a follow-up raid dedicated purely to Mag's Lair that same week, but we had to cancel it as we had zero warlocks available that night and the fight just seemed too daunting to progress without one.

This week we returned to clear Gruul's Lair on Wednesday, though the big gronn still required a lot of wipes until we got him down again. Tonight was then dedicated to Magtheridon. I chugged a flask and settled in for a long night, as I still remembered the endless wipes due to people messing up the cube-clicking back in the day... and as far as I recall that was when the fight had already been nerfed to only require ten clickers instead of twenty. BC Classic still has the twenty-clicker version right now.

We had one instant wipe when someone accidentally triggered the fight before we were ready, and then two more where things went wrong early on while killing the channellers. Then Mag himself was finally free and we could start practising our cube-clicking! And believe it or not, all twenty clickers aced their job on the first try and we killed him that very attempt. The overall mood after he died was more one of slight bafflement than joyous victory I think.

At this point I reckon that many people spent a lot more time collecting their pre-raid best-in-slot gear than actually clearing the raids. What now, spend one night a week farming these while slowly working on the Eye attunement chain in preparation for the next phase?

If only there were other things to do in this game than just chasing your BiS gear...


  1. Congrats!

    And thanks for the snark. I chuckled at that.

  2. And I don't know if this is gonna make you shake your head, cry, or what, but there are already people in our guild attuned to SSC and The Eye (or as far as they can go, anyway) already.

    1. I'm already attuned to SSC too, because that one's not very time-consuming if you do any endgame content at all:

      Do heroic Slave Pens (generally considered the easiest heroic) to pick up the quest -> Kill Gruul & Nightbane -> Do heroic SP again to hand in.

      Now, the Eye's a different story...

  3. Congrats!
    I kina felt the same when we did Sanctum. First few bosses on normal just died (yes, even as a Heroic raider I expect to work for my normal boss kills)...

  4. Congrats Shintar! Our guild is in much the same situation as you, although we only had our first look at Magtheridon last night. The initial phase with the channelers looks like the hardest part (it didn't help that we only had a couple of warlocks) but after that the mechanics of the cube clicking and DPSing down the boss look like they will be fine. Some incremental gear upgrades across the raid group will also help so think we will have him down in the next couple of weeks for sure.