Wind and Fire

Stepping down from progression raiding was an immediate relief in so far as I went from constantly worrying about what I should be doing whenever I logged in to simply thinking about what I'd like to be doing that day.

Items on the "should" list included things like:

  • Hit LFG for Mechanar and Botanica runs, to work on completing my Beast Lord set, which is best-in-slot for hunters until Black Temple or something silly.
  • Farm Primal Air to finally get my gloves enchanted.
  • Prioritise levelling my druid's alchemy to build a sustainable consumable pipeline for myself. (I said this in OG Classic but it's still true in BC - people who have a herbalist or alchemist can't really appreciate what a PITA consumable requirements can be if you can't get anything yourself but instead have to buy everything, all the time.)
  • Figure out what I need to do for my Eye attunement and work on it.

None of these are things I definitely don't want to do, but only in moderation I guess? So I'm glad that I can now just do some quests or putz around, levelling fishing on an alt without feeling like I'm not being a "proper" raider because I'm not putting in the time to make my character the strongest she could be.

One thing that had been bothering me for a while and that I really wanted to rectify was that I still only had the slow flying mount. People who only played later expansions or retail probably have no idea just how slow "normal" flying used to be in BC. It's slower than your epic ground mount! Which often means that it's not actually any faster to go as the crow/gryphon flies than to take the scenic route via a flight path or even to follow a path on the ground.

It's not so bad when everyone's in the same boat, and I remember back in the original Burning Crusade, people with epic flyers were a rare sight during the early phases. This time around though, it seemed like everyone else was buying their epic flyers the moment they hit 70, seemingly without effort. (Obviously I wasn't the only exception... but the trend has pretty much been the reverse of back in the day, in that people crawling along on basic flyers stick out as rare oddities.)

This made me feel envious and I wanted to fix it... but I'd also set myself the extra challenge to go straight for the Cenarion War Hippogryph (the only appropriate mount for night elves in my opinion), which would also require me to hit exalted with Cenarion Expedition and raise an extra 1600 gold on top of the "regular" cost of epic flying.

Free to spend some time and money focusing on this particular goal, I was pleasantly surprised to read on Redbeard's blog that the Fire Festival was a great way of making money. (I feel a bit bad linking to that post like that because it was really about something completely different and that was only a side note, but it was where I first heard it mentioned...)

And what a way it was! Just visiting beloved locations in the old world (of which I hadn't seen much since BC's launch) and clicking on bonfires to be rewarded six to twelve gold for each. I don't remember that being a thing back in the day, but sometimes it's best not to look a gift horse in the mouth. My main visited all of them over the course of a few days and racked up several hundred gold that way - I stole the flames from the enemy capitals as well while I was at it and didn't even die once. Good fun!

This just happened to coincide with a heroic Slave Pens run finally pushing me over the edge for CE rep as well, so it "finally" happened:

With that major gold sink taken care of, I checked on my alts. My mage and druid didn't even have epic ground riding yet, but I'd forgotten that the price for that had also been reduced with BC, so I was pleased to have both of them be able to afford that right away as well.

Then I just kept doing the torch tossing/catching dailies in Stormwind for the rest of the event, because I found them a fun little mini game and they rewarded 24 gold for about five minutes of effort a day. 

There are plenty of other things left for me to do besides running Karazhan with my guildies, but I'm glad to be rid of that feeling of urgency. One thing I always wanted from Classic was the knowledge that the game I enjoyed wasn't going to go away in a few months or years and that there should be no need to rush to complete your goals. It's odd how easy it's been to get caught up in the rat race anyway.


  1. Heh.

    The Fire Festival was also a nice way to get leveled. Card made it to L61, and I took my Paladin, Card's sister Linnawyn, for the Old World Tour and got her from L58 to L60.

    But yeah, the World Tour netted me something like 500 gold total, and if you religiously did the dailies (not me, for the record) you'd get 50 gold a day.

    Okay, that you snuck into the capitals and didn't die once... You lucky duck! I got within spitting distance of Silvermoon City and got thwacked by the guards there.

    Me, I'm just happy taking the bus (flight points) when needed. I grew up taking the bus to downtown to the main library branch, so for me it's just normal to do so in WoW. When people ask when I'm going to get my epic mount, I tell them when I don't feel poor after, so about 7000 gold as the minimum. They then just kind of get quiet and change the subject after that.

    1. Oh, so you went ahead with boosting the pally? I didn't remember you saying that you'd actually gone through with it.

      You lucky duck!

      It's called being a hunter, haha! I just yoloed right in on my epic mount - I swear I was going so fast that some guards didn't even aggro on me - and then feigned in a corner. Once everything had reset, I simply got up, grabbed the flame and hearthed out. #hunterlife
      I do seem to recall dying a lot when I did this on my priest back in the day...

      And I don't mind taking flight paths in general, but the places I want to go tend to be some distance away from the nearest flight point, and being able to go faster really helps my enjoyment there.