Human Heritage

From my understanding, heritage armour quests were first introduced at the end of Legion, presumably to add a bit more context/lore to the newly added allied races, seeing how they didn't have dedicated starter zones of their own. However, they turned out to be so popular with players that people started clamouring for similar quest chains for the existing races, and Blizzard has slowly been adding more of them over time. (If I'm wrong about any of this and you were playing at the time, please do correct me.)

In an earlier Dragonflight patch, Blizzard added a heritage armour quest for humans, which recently came to my attention as I've been playing more, and both my monk and my hunter are human. As I didn't want a repeat of my struggle with the Worgen heritage quest (as mentioned in this post), I decided to do the chain on my monk first. She still had pretty good gear from the end of Shadowlands, and I figured that would make combat a breeze and allow me to focus on the story instead of every trash mob becoming a life-or-death battle. (It worked.) And I was quite impressed!

If you'd asked me beforehand what I expected the human heritage quest to be about, what I consider to be the quintessential experience of being a human in WoW, I would have thought of zones like Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Stormwind, and plots like that of the Defias. And what do you know, all of these feature.

The lore around these things has evolved over time, perhaps not always in optimal ways, such as the old Deadmines getting replaced with an updated version in Cataclysm in which the end boss is no longer angry stonemason Edwin Van Cleef but his vengeful teenage daughter Vanessa.

I don't really want to spoil the actual content of the quest chain in detail, but I was impressed by how it wove old and new lore together in a pretty convincing way. After Cataclysm, I never expected to see the old showdown with Onyxia in the Stormwind throne room to ever make a comeback in retail, even if it's in the form of a cut scene cinematic (which illustrates Spymaster Mathias Shaw telling you the story of the Drakefire Amulet). Apparently there are some little variations here as well if your character actually did the Ony attunement back in the day - not that this is something I could test myself, as I didn't have a high-level human back then.

I also liked the bit where you return to Ragged John in the Burning Steppes and his dialogue throws heavy shade at the way the lore around Onyxia's exposure and death has been retconned in the past.

All in all, it was a really nice quest chain with a lot of callbacks to some pretty nostalgic moments that also portrayed the way current generation of characters have to deal with the past with a surprising degree of sensitivity. More of this kind of thing please, Blizz.


  1. But what does the armour look like on your character?

    1. Oh haha, I didn't actually mention the armour because it doesn't really suit either of my human characters. It's a pretty nice modern Stormwind guard lookalike though.

  2. I've enjoyed the heritage quests. I've only gotten one set of armor when it is to level an allied race to 50, but several when you get a quest on a long term race. Those have been really fun.

    It's funny that even though my first (long deleted <- stupid me) character was human, I've never been able to level a human to max or even have one survive that long as an alt. For whatever reason humans just don't do it for me in Wow. Until now, as the heritage armor quest line has me leveling a hunter to be able to do the chain. Sadly, I wish I had my early human characters as getting the extra bits of conversation would have been sweet. Oh well. :/

    Oh, my human hunter is dressed in the WoD garrison armor set. I had recently rewatched Blind and that helped me have a hook for the character and since the reward looks as it does...

    (The coming Night Elf set has me excited since my oldest surviving character is, of course, a Night Elf Hunter like so many of us from Vanilla. ^_^)

  3. Apparently I wrote quite a bit about Heritage Armor over the years so I guess I should chime in. My first mention of it was in early 2019 and some very quick research on Wowpedia also suggests that it came with BfA, not Legion and originally came either only for the Allied races (or also for a few normal races, but I think not), which provoked a bit of an outcry. Anyway, they've been at work to unlock them bit by bit, but I definitely had Blood Elves, Tauren, Gnomes, and Dwarves by late 2019 and I know these to not have been ingame by early 2020: Orc, Troll, Undead, Human, Night Elf, Draenei, Pandaren.