Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure

This was the title of a quest that I encountered in Grizzly Hills today while continuing my casual investigation of Alliance quests in Northrend. I was innocently riding along the road when I noticed an exclamation mark inside one of the abandoned towers on my mini-map.

Curious, I went to investigate... and beheld a humongous rabbit. Okay, so it wasn't really humongous, but when you're used to tiny critter-sized rabbits, seeing one the size of a normal mob and with a level tag of sixty-eight is quite a shock in comparison.

For a brief moment I was overcome by panic. I'm not a habitual critter killer (in fact the sad squealing sounds of brutally murdered rabbits and squirrels tend to make me sad), but I'd lie if I said that I'd never committed such an act. In my mind's eye, the giant rabbit became even larger, until it eventually enraged and pounced on me with the words "That's for all the little bunny rabbits!"... but no. In reality he just sat there quietly with his level five girl non-combat pet, who proclaimed that she was lost and asked if I couldn't lead her and Mr Floppy back to camp. An escort, alright.

For a supposedly lost girl she was very quick to stroll off without waiting for any guidance from me, and immediately made a point of getting off the perfectly serviceable road just to walk through the forest - which was of course heavily populated by worgs and bears. Why do escort NPCs always have to be so stupid?

As a random bear came into aggro range it decided to ignore the girl and went straight for the rabbit, which caused her to break out into panicked squeals asking me to save the little guy. I did so multiple times.

But then... a worg spawned right in front of me, made a beeline for Mr Floppy - and it was unattackable! It viciously closed its jaws around the giant little rabbit and started shaking it to death. "Nooo," I yelled at my screen. "Mr Floppy! This is unfair and way too dramatic for my poor little heart!" My boyfriend even came over to look what the hell I was going so crazy about. Finally the wolf became attackable and I killed it as quickly as I could. "Don't go toward the light, Mr Floppy!" I echoed the girl's words... and lo and behold, he got up again and they happily pranced towards the camp together, allowing the escort to complete successfully.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Who said WoW quests aren't interesting and engaging?


  1. I don't remember which char I did that quest on, but it cracked me up! It's like letting those kids out of the cages of the arakkoa in BC and they say something like "Those birds were going to eat us! Eeew!"

  2. And I hated it. Back in the days (don't know if still happens) the quest was bugged and after killing the worg Mr. Floppy wouldn't revive, so you had to wait for the respawn and start again. Good thing is you can move ahead of them and clear the path of bears and worgs, but that last one was a pain if it buggered again.
    Escort quests are better if the mob follows you, rather than you having to following them, saving their sorry asses again and again (like bringing Ringo to Marshall's Refugee Camp in Un'Goro)
    Btw, don't forget to /love and then kill all critters you see. You'll get two achievements.