Funniest rage quit ever

Now, I've seen a lot of strange things in my pugging career, but what I got to witness today was definitely a special kind of bizarre. The scene: normal Old Kingdom. I'm on my draenei mage. We have a warrior tank, a paladin healer, and the other two damage dealers are a gnome death knight and a shaman.

Things go perfectly smoothly until after the first boss. There's this bit where you run around the corner and down some stairs, and there's a patrol there that you can avoid. The tank does so and we follow, but the healer trails a little behind and aggroes it anyway. The dps notices and jumps to his aid. Meanwhile the tank has obliviously continued down the stairs and repeatedly tells us to come, IN CAPS, until he finally asks us where we are and what we "useless people" are doing. "We're fighting some mobs here," someone explains. By the time he makes it back they are dead anyway, but he angrily demands to know who aggroed. We explain what happened and I fully expect him to start chewing out the healer for being stupid or something, but to his credit he restrains himself. For now.

On the terrace below, with the patrolling giants that fear, we somehow end up pulling more than we can handle and wipe. I don't know if this was actually because of the fear or if one of the melee dpsers simply body-pulled, but I thought that it was quite obvious that it was an accident either way - as opposed to an overeager dps deciding to pull for the tank or anything of the like.

Now, the conversation that ensued as we ran back was so priceless that I had to take screenshots of it, but unfortunately I messed them up so they aren't really fit for posting. Let me just transcribe things instead, bad spelling and all:

Tank: WHy
Tank: why
Tank: u run over there ang aggro them
Gnome: I need repair now :(
Healer: u line of sighted me sorry stay in the open
Tank: Im gonna say this one time... DONT pull just follow me
Healer: ur extra use of capitlas definantly make me scared :)
Tank: If stupid pulls werent there.. we wouldnt have wiped and theres no sense in wiping in this sad dungeon

I mentally gave the healer a thumbs-up there for being snarky in response to the tank, seeing how he had managed to convey in only two sentences that 1) he thought everything revolved around him and an overpull couldn't possibly be an accident or anything, people were just intentionally trying to be difficult, 2) he clearly considered himself above this dungeon and 3) he hated it anyway. Excuse me, but why are you here again? Anyway, the really good bit came as we corpse-ran back:

Healer: tum tee tum
Tank: tum tee tum wtf is that

Yes. He got angry over someone saying "tum tee tum". I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

Healer: uhh words?
Me: the written out equivalent of humming a tune?
Healer: u should see a councilor if tum tee tum angers u, I hope u know tht
Tank: Do this instance by ur urselves.. hippies
Gnome: haha
[Healer is now the Dungeon Guide.
Tank leaves the party.]
Everyone at once: lol

And it was enough to make him rage-quit, after calling us a bunch of *gasp* hippies. I couldn't help picturing this really butch guy sitting behind his PC, fuming over the insolence of puggers today, mocking their tanks with "tum tee tum"s or whatever it was they said! I AM THE TANK HERE AND THERE WILL BE NO HUMMING OF TUNES UNLESS I SAY SO!

It probably took us less than a minute to get a new tank and we finished the run without any further problems. We may have been a bunch of tune-humming hippies, but we were far from incompetent, thank you very much!



    I was in a party once where someone yelled "For the Turkeys!" before charging, and we had a 20 minute explanation that it was a joke about thanksgiving animals, not racism :/ Sadly no ragequitting over it though :)

  2. Pure win post! Welcome to the tankocracy, hippies! Now bow to my desires! :D
    Seriously, some people needs aid. And you were extremely lucky to find a tank that fast!

  3. Like Issy says: it sould be


    That's what I'd do ;)

    Seriously, if I ever go that far, I might section myself :D

    That was hilarious.

  4. You HIPPIES! Hahah. Okay, that was an awesome ragequit.

  5. You humming hippies think you're so funny... but you're NOT! *sob*

    Too funny. Epic ragedrop.