The 7x XP event started this weekend, and as expected it's drawn attention to the server and brought an influx of new players. So far, so good, though I'm still doubtful about the long-term benefits of this kind of thing... not to mention that more players are not a good thing if they all act like a bunch of idiots.

The conversation in world chat is rarely of high quality, but everyone's in it anyway for the LFG requests. This weekend though, the level of non-stop stupidity in there was just too much for me, to the point that I chose to leave and forfeit any opportunities to form groups just to be spared the inanity. From the quality of the talk (along the lines of "I have a girlfriend, I'm sure you nerds don't have a girlfriend"), you'd think that all the new characters were created by badly socialised thirteen-year-old boys. Which is all the weirder on a nostalgia-driven server like this because these guys had barely been born when we were playing original Vanilla WoW! Are they really only showing up to troll?

At least there was still guild chat, though even that suffered at least a little, mostly from people constantly playing Captain Obvious and going: "Wow, after setting my experience rate to x7, I'm getting so much XP for everything!" You. Don't. Say.

I haven't touched any of it of course, as the whole point of this project has been to re-experience the joys of Vanilla levelling. So I spent my entire playtime this weekend grinding mobs in Azshara and Felwood. Yay! On the plus side, the auction house immediately became a lot more lively, as all the noobs were very eager to buy bags and gear while flooding the market with low-level mats. Can't complain about that.


  1. I don't suppose you got lucky in Azshara with a dragonkin pet dropping?

    1. No, because
      1) I was farming naga
      2) those dragonkin used to all be elites, not the kind of thing you'd casually farm while levelling
      3) that whelpling pet wasn't added until BC.

    2. Oh! Can you still grind in the cave? Off the coast of Felwood there's an amazing cave full of naga(? I think), level 45/47 ish. I leveled on a pvp server and it was amazing.

      Especially as an affliction warlock, cause you could just chainpull/DoT mobs for hours. It's how I used to go from 44-49. Took about 2 hours per level.

      I'm really enjoying these posts, lets me reminisce.

    3. Hm, I'm afraid I don't know about that cave; I was just referring to killing naga in the ruins in Azshara (not like that zone was famous for being particularly busy in Vanilla). How would you get "off the coast" in Felwood anyway?

    4. I think Bne means the southernmost cave in Feralas, it used to be a prime farming ground for Pearls Enchanters needed for their higher level Rods (iirc Golden Pearls). I farmed the place during Wrath.

      If memory serves me right (the area is submerged in Live/post-Cata afaik, and demand for Pearls has sunk as well as a Copper Rod will do 1-700) you follow the beach down south, cross the inlet, and follow the beach south some more tilll the Naga aggro you ;)

      It's still (just) in Feralas, around the same point as the (now sunken) Island that featured the Chimerae's (later on in Vanilla? I faintly remember it being part of the AQ questline so may have been introduced with a later patch).

      Hope it helps!

    5. You are correct Netherlands! I found a link for it

      It's Shalzuru's Lair or some such. There's an alliance quest there, but it's so out of the way that very few players ever went there, making it ideal grinding on a pvp server.

    6. I did do the quest there when I was the right level, then did an extra round of naga killing to get to all the mitrhil nodes and also found a rare spawn on the way. Was worth it. :P