Level 50, Zul'Farrak, Uldaman

Not long ago my paladin hit level 50, after a /played time of six days and 18 and a half hours, which means that getting from 40 to 50 didn't take me that much longer than 30 to 40 (two days and nine hours as opposed to a little less than two days). Apart from the previously mentioned world PvP shenanigans, it was a pleasant ride. Like I predicted, I really loved revisiting Tanaris, Feralas and the Hinterlands. In the end I got my mechanical chicken pet too, plus the sprite darter hatchling. (I always thought it was bollocks that they took away this cute quest chain in Cataclysm and replaced it with a random drop, especially since the original story was all about saving the sprite darters, not killing them!) Remember when pets took up space in your inventory and having even one felt truly special?

I also ran a bunch of dungeons again, mostly Zul'Farrak - at the end I even tanked one run, since I once again felt secure enough as soon as I sufficiently outlevelled both the mobs and the rest of my party. I also healed an Uldaman run.

Zul'Farrak was one of my favourite dungeons in Vanilla and it was fun to revisit it. It just has it all: a straightforward layout, easy access from a zone in which you'll spend a lot of time questing, a whole bunch of dungeon quests, lots of bosses with great drops and an interesting setup. The stairs event worked great. The only issue I've had, every time, is with Witch Doctor Zum'rah. I remember back in Vanilla, the very first rule I was taught the first time I did this dungeon and got close to this guy was "DO NOT TOUCH THE GRAVES". When we came back later, at a higher level, we would loot them for fun and AoE the zombies that spawned, but in general it was accepted custom to leave them alone. I can't recall the boss himself ever giving us any trouble - yes, he spawned a bunch of adds, but they weren't too bad.

Yet every time I've run this dungeon on Kronos, the witch doctor is easily the hardest fight in the entire instance. I've repeatedly wiped on this guy. He summons zombies really quickly and they hit like absolute trucks. Some groups I've been in have tried to avoid the issue by emptying every single grave beforehand (which seemed outright bizarre to me, considering the seriousness with which the "do not touch the graves" lesson was driven home back in the day), which does seem to help but takes up loads of time (and since the zombies hit so hard, the healer needs to drink pretty much every other pull). I don't know what exactly is wrong with the fight, but I do know that this is not how things went down in Vanilla.

Actual Vanilla screenie from when we did decide to open the graves.
If Zul'Farrak is one of my old favourites, Uldaman is the exact opposite. I remember really disliking that place back in the day. With no map view for dungeons back then I tended to get lost all the time, though this is significantly less of a problem ten years later with me being quite familiar with the general layout by now. The intended level range of 38-53 was also a terrible idea, as it meant that you either got no XP for half the dungeon or would run into a massive brick wall towards the end of the instance. Oh, and of course you had to go back there again and again due to the way the different quests were designed and the fact that enchanters were looking to visit their trainer. (I'm still baffled that anyone thought that putting a profession trainer inside an instance would be a good idea!)

All that said, I was surprised by how good a time I ended up having with my pug. It helped that I had a good group that was undeterred by the fact that the server was having hiccups just as we started, crashing repeatedly just as we were doing the "pre instance" and resetting quest progress. I was only disappointed that Grimlok didn't shout: "Me Grimlok King!" The last boss, Archaedas, has remained in my memory as the first truly involved dungeon boss fight I ever encountered, as he spawns multiple sets of adds that need to be controlled. I also recall him summoning a copy of himself near the end (or something like that) which didn't happen in this version and made me doubt my memory a little. We wiped the first time anyway, which caused our tank to pull him out of the room the next time. (Again I found myself hesitant: Shouldn't those doors lock when you engage him?) This completely circumvented the add spawn and turned him into a simple tank and spank, which was slightly disappointing but also intriguing.

"Only" ten more levels to go...


  1. We always cleared the graves before the boss. The "do not touch the graves rule" was because you wanted only one person to open them to not get swarmed. (And the person who made the rule probably wanted the loot for themselves.)

    Putting the enchantment trainer inside Uldaman is one of my vanilla favorites. It made the profession that much more special. I think it was a really cool idea. Enchanting was the nobilities profession, not the plebs one. Something that required extra dedication and being a high level enchanter was a title you've earned.

    I had to check the old comments on wowhead for Archaedas. He didn't copy himself, he summoned a few elite adds that had to be off tanked.

    1. We definitely never touched the graves in regular runs. That much I remember very clearly. The notion of opening them remains foreign to me.

      I didn't level an enchanter in Vanilla, but one of my friends was one. I would say it was less elite and more "turning you into the annoying guy who constantly wants his friends to do Uldaman". :P

      Just read those old Wowhead comments too; that sounds about right. But I did say that I was doubting myself about that part. :)

    2. I painfully remember that we did open them because, as you described, it took about as long as the whole dungeon to open them all. :-)

  2. I took the time to go and check the state of what you report here on the bugreporter and in-game. Archaedas doors were fixed but then bugged again, they are currently a confirmed bug. Archaedas isn't supposed to make copies of himself (so this one's on memory haha :P ). Zum'rah's adds hit for about 100-130% too much damage. Can't test the spawning on my warlock. Grimlock is missing his shout.


    You can freely vote for them or add missing information.

    1. Wow, thanks, that's some dedication!

      Do you need to make a new and separate account to use the website features? I would have expected the game account login to work, but I guess not?

    2. Hm... That was a long time ago... I think the server account and forum account are separate, to allow players that don't want to go on the forums (most, I guess) to have the choice. Then the bugtracker account is the same as for the forums.

  3. Maybe Blizz thought it a grand joke to put a profession trainer in an instance, because nobody would be so foolhardy as to actually brave the instance just to visit the trainer.

    Or maybe not...