Celebrating the Lunar Festival

It's time for another seasonal holiday in WoW, and while I completely ignored Christmas even in its Classic incarnation, the Lunar Festival has long been a favourite of mine. To be honest, I was kind of surprised myself when I read that old post of mine, because I thought I remembered not being all that impressed by this event in my early days. I guess I came to appreciate it more when everything started to become "achievified" during Wrath and the Lunar Festival hadn't been too badly affected yet.

Fun fact: While the Lunar Festival is obviously inspired by the real life Chinese New Year, I was completely oblivious to this for the longest time. After all, the event is centred on Moonglade and I thought it made perfect sense that the night elves would worship the moon and have a whole celebration dedicated to it.

Anyway, I initially wasn't too excited to be accosted by an event NPC in Darnassus (I was playing my new nelf hunter at the time) but after having visited a couple of elders it occurred to me that in Classic even the "measly" 50 faction rep you get per visited elder is not a bad reward. After all that's how much you get for handing in a full stack of Runecloth to a quartermaster, and I do have this distant dream of my tauren hunter riding a wolf one day...

So I've started taking her on a bit of a tour. I even rode the boat to Darnassus to visit Elder Bladeleaf in Dolanaar! I was quite nervous riding through Darnassus (so much so that I completely forgot that there was also an elder in the city itself), because while I tried to be inconspicuous, a kodo with a big red nameplate above its head is kind of hard to miss. Several Alliance players ran along with me but didn't do anything other than emote at me (much to my relief) but just when I thought that I'd made it, a human rogue rode up to me and killed me. Because it's always a rogue, isn't it? However, as that remained my only death during that particular trip, I still considered myself lucky.

I also travelled to Moonglade to take down Omen. He's kind of a proto public event, as completing the quest doesn't require you to have the tag for him, only to bask in the moonlight that comes down after his death. That said, even that is deceptive, as it's apparently buggy or something and doesn't always give quest credit. You may have to click off the buff and allow it to be reapplied multiple times, like I did. Still, since you can just run along with a friendly Alliance raid and let them do all the hard work, it wasn't too much of a hassle to go back and do it a second time.

Like Hallow's End, all of this is reminding me that I wasn't always as cynical about seasonal events as I am now. Just another reminder that in many ways the good old days really were more to my liking than many of the game's modern innovations.


  1. I wasn't too keen on the festival on Classic at first... I don't need coins or the things the coins can buy filling up scarce inventory slots... but with each elder you find you get a boost to your standing with all Alliance or Horde faction. That I was up for, since getting to exalted is a long haul and every little bit helps. (I don't think my main was exalted across the board until WotLK and the Argent Tournament.)

    1. Yep, 50 rep doesn't feel like much when you compare it to the way reputations worked in later expansions, but as I said in the post, handing in a full stack of Runecloth to any quartermaster also gives only 50 rep. And the one from the elders boosts all sub-factions at once, so it's basically worth four stacks per elder! Rep in Classic is precious.

  2. Yeah, it's always a Rogue. Because we have that reputation....