Level 40 the 3rd

Well, who saw that coming? I certainly wouldn't have guessed, looking at my roster at the beginning of the year, that my third character to level 40 would be a brand new nelf hunter, but here we are. I'm just enjoying the solo experience as a hunter way too much, and playing as Alliance feels refreshingly different after focusing on Horde side for months.

I even remembered to take a ding shot:

This one doesn't have the money to buy a mount yet, but I decided not to fret about it this time. So instead of proudly showing off my new ride, have some random screenshots I took while levelling on Alliance side:

The very first screenshot I took of my hunter in the starting zone. It was raining so hard that night! Also, I really love the female night elf bow-drawing animation.
The night I made the run to Ironforge. I never realised how you can see the city's lights up on the mountainside at night.

Remember when the Titans were this big mystery from Azeroth's past instead of overused and annoying?
Ashenvale contains a fair number of ruins, but it didn't really hit me just how pompously those elves must have lived back in the day until I considered the sheer size of that half-buried statue.
There's this quest in the Wetlands that has you fighting cursed undead, and one of their abilities temporarily passes their curse on to you, turning you into an undead as well. To my great amusement this applies to pets as well, meaning that I ran around with a pet undead for a while. (And I guess it confirms that Spotty is a girl? Unless everyone gets turned into a female undead.)

Hunting at night on the Shimmering Flats. I've said it before but I'm astounded by how beautiful I find Thousand Needles in Classic, because I don't remember being particularly fond of it in Vanilla.

Always gotta keep your eyes open on the road through Duskwood, you never know when you'll run into Stitches!

Whenever I spotted him wreaking havoc in Darkshire, I sometimes decided to help out.

I noticed there's an impressive amount of yells associated with Stitches spawning as well. It's interesting and somewhat old-fashioned design if you think about it: There is no quest to kill him, he's just a really hard mob (for the level of the zone) that spawns when someone completes a certain quest and is basically like a cat set among the pigeons, making the road unsafe and killing lonely questers left and right if they aren't careful. Makes for a very memorable experience.

Stranglethorn can be quite beautiful when you take a break from killing wildlife and trolls every now and then.

Logging in one evening I was baffled to find such a crowd in Stormwind, considering the server's usual population levels. Turns out it was just before someone dropped Onyxia's head to give everyone a buff. There is a whole system to this where guilds take turns I think, everyone assembles just before the event to get buffed, then mages put up portals to take the big guilds away to raid and the city empties out again. Quite fascinating to watch.

The Hall of Explorers in Ironforge is such an RP place, with all those oddities on display, including plaques that you can actually read.

Looking out over the beauty of Loch Modan. Destroying that was one of those things I could never quite forgive Cataclysm.

Finally, a sunset over Theramore.


  1. Great shots. That's like half my leveling journey in note form!

  2. Haha, yeah, that bit about the undead passing the curse along was a hot topic in days of yore. I remember that some people were excited to learn their pets' gender until everybody noticed it was always female.

    Oh, and pop on over to Azshara and you'll find another one of those giant statues half-buried, in the south I believe. I honestly think it's a Planet of the Apes reference, but no confirmation of that.

    1. I did have a vague memory of the cursed pets being a "thing" at some point but couldn't quite place it.

      And Planet of the Apes reference sounds quite plausible. One of the things I like about Vanilla/Classic is that many things were references but they're rarely so in-your-face that they take you out of the game. Everything fits in context even if you don't "get the joke".

    2. I wonder if there's a skeleton wearing something similar to an astronaut suit nearby?

  3. Congrats on the newest member of the "I need to get a mount" club!!

    And yes, I prefer the Classic version of the Titans, especially looking at where Uldum is and realizing it should have been a gigantic raid (or multiple instances) rather than a zone with pygmies (WoW's version of Jar Jar style stereotypes) and heavy Indiana Jones overtones.

    Maybe there's a story there with the Explorer's League and the titans.