No BC Classic Era Servers? Come on, Blizz.

Blizzard really has a way with their timing when it comes to delivering emotional gut punches to me in regards to Classic. When I worried about my RP server's continued viability back in November, they opened up free server transfers to dismantle it literally the next day

Two weeks ago I talked about how dejected I was feeling about my situation in BC Classic at the moment, but concluded that I also had some hope for maybe finding more of the sort of atmosphere I'd been looking for once most of the "current content crowd" had moved on to Classic Wrath and I could potentially hang out and be chill with more like-minded people on BC Classic era. This assumed that Blizzard was going to handle the transition from BC to WOTLK the same or at least in a very similar way to how they made the one from OG Classic to BC: by giving people a choice.

Of course, then I found out that this time around, Blizzard isn't planning to give people a choice, and that the plan is to simply forcefully progress everyone currently playing on BC servers to Wrath whether they want it or not. Here's the relevant quote from an IGN interview with lead developer Brian Birmingham and production director Patrick Dawson:

Another shift Classic players might want to take note of is how Blizzard is handling the transition from Burning Crusade to Lich King. When Burning Crusade was first announced, Blizzard allowed players to choose whether they wanted to stay in the original World of Warcraft Classic or move to Burning Crusade. While those who opted to stay in the original version can still remain there, this time there won't be an option to keep characters in The Burning Crusade expansion. Everyone who's already in Burning Crusade must move on to Wrath of the Lich King.

Fortunately, Dawson says that not many people currently in Burning Crusade want to stick around in that expansion anyway.

I just read that and was like: "What?!". Thanks for crushing my dreams yet again, Blizz. If my choices are going to be WOTLK Classic or bust, I'd rather stop playing Classic altogether, thanks.

This whole situation is just giving me flashbacks to my late Cata days when I was getting increasingly frustrated with Blizzard's constant pronouncements that nobody could possibly like the things I liked, so that it was only natural to nerf or remove them. I thought that they had turned a new leaf with Classic, acknowledging that hey, perhaps they'd used the argument that "nobody likes this anyway" to sand away features enjoyed by a relative minority of the player base one too many times over the years. And yet here we are once again, being told to run with the pack or GTFO.

I'm not giving up just yet because they've said that they are open to feedback in regards to all things Classic, and I'd invite you all to add your voice too if this as something you care about at all. Here's the thread on the US forums, here's the one on the EU forums, and here's a reddit thread on the subject. It's worth noting that this question might be relevant to you even if you personally want to move on to Wrath anyway, because Blizzard has already indicated that they are open to progressing to Cataclysm after Wrath, and would you want to be forcefully moved on then? Do think about the precedent that is being set with BC now.

I know that playing on BC era is something that is only going to be interesting to a minority, but we're not really asking for much here! They can merge servers down to one PvE and one PvP per region to simplify things and everything! However, entirely removing BC Classic once Wrath comes out just seems wrong to me, and goes entirely against the original mission statement of Classic being at least partially a preservation project. I'm not hopeful that the ones responsible at Blizzard will care enough at this point, but don't let it be said later that nobody spoke up about this.


  1. I would definitely end my Classic career if they force people to move to Cataclysm.

    What I'm hoping for is that they have a few servers start up on TBC Classic like they did with Season of Mastery, and leave it at that. I'm being hopeful, because Cataclysm Classic is pretty much something I have NOT seen anyone clamor for, even those who would like to play a Worgen.

    1. I wouldn't really care for SoM-style BC servers either - nothing wrong with having them in addition, but personally I want a home for my existing characters, not start over again.

      I don't think that a majority of Classic players is interested in Cata, but I've definitely seen some people express interest in it.

  2. I originally thought they would force everyone to move from Vanilla to BC to Wrath, but was surprised to see them open new servers for BC. I think the fact so many people moved on to BC that economically it doesn't make sense for them to keep open a bunch of near-empty BC servers.

    I think Season of Mastery was an attempt to keep those Vanilla servers alive with (eventually) more players. I guess we'll see how that works if or when they do another Season of Mastery.

    As far as Cataclysm goes, I could see them do two paths at that point, restart the Classic Cycle with new Vanilla servers, a la EQ progression servers, and have a small series of Cataclysm servers and just revisit the retail expansion line.

    I, of course, want a third option. A version of Vanilla as a Chromie time option for Retail. I'd love to revisit the original world with my Vanilla toons instead of rolling up all new character. I know that will never happen, but nostalgia wants what nostalgia sees with rose-colored glasses. ^_^

  3. I can tell you exactly what the future for Classic will be. I know this because Blizzard hired Holly and it looks like she's following the same pattern as she did with her previous game EverQuest. As you've seen, they've moved over to "progression" servers so that will that servers will progress through each expansion. From here on you can expect to see new novelty/rule servers such as the season of.. servers. Expect to see new Vanilla era servers released at some point that will begin the progression again. You might see a locked era server but, based on EverQuest, it'll probably be locked at the most popular era which would be Wrath.

    The idea of pure Classic, the idea that gave them their best quarter in years, is gone now that Holly is in charge. I don't dislike her in any way, she was always a passionate advocate when she was in charge of EverQuest. But she has a style and pure classic isn't it.

    1. Yeah, I know about EQ progression servers. Based on how Classic started, I was just hoping Blizzard wouldn't go down that road, but you're probably right that this is the future. There's certainly an audience for it, what with the endless clamouring for "fresh". It's just the complete opposite of what I wanted out of Classic, which was a chill place where people aren't constantly fretting about everyone else's progression because there isn't any.

  4. Looks like they didn't make much money with their character clone service.

    I never had much interest in TBC and didn't even level one char to 70 but I was planning to play WotLK. Now, with the uncertainty if they are going to force me into Cata once again I'll probably pass on that too.