Plunderlord Achieved

Well, I did it!

Whatever site I originally got the idea from that Plunderstorm was going to be active until June turned out to be wrong, as Blizzard eventually announced the 30th of April as its official end date. I was rather displeased when I found out because I'd been happily making slow progress with my couple of matches a day, but I wasn't sure I was going to be able to hit Renown 40 at that pace.

Fortunately they doubled reputation gains for the end of the event to help speed people along, and this helped immensely. I even logged in the day after hitting 40 to play another couple of matches before it hit me that I didn't really need to do this anymore. Not that I "needed" to before... but I did genuinely find it enjoyable in small doses. I definitely didn't share the sentiment that I've seen expressed in many places of it just being a "chore" to get through to get the rewards. Like I said before, I don't even care that much about pirate stuff - there was just so much of it to be won, it felt like a right bargain in exchange for a bit of skirmishing every day.

No chance at getting either of the achievements related to the event though. I never won a match, though by some stroke of luck I once managed to come 2nd. And anyone who actually managed to collect one million plunder must be a little insane, considering that I had barely hit 80k when I completed the Renown track.

Either way, I'm ultimately satisfied with my time spent with Plunderstorm, and I'll happily take part again for a little while if they ever decide to bring it back.


  1. Congratulations. Plunderstorm seems to have hit its mark with folks, casual and hardcore. It has been good to see Blizzard working on appealing to just more than the raiding (and now Mythic+) audience.

    I will have to say that I find it hard to view Shintar as a Dark Iron Dwarf, though. ;) Did you make her that way or did you go with what came up as the default character?

    1. I changed my character a few times since you're not really a specific character and it was fun to play around with the different customisations. I did notice that smaller characters clearly had an easier time dodging attacks and that many of the higher-scoring/more skilled players were always playing gnomes or vulpera. I kind of dislike my character being this tiny but dwarf seemed like a decent compromise to improve my odds a little.