Reflections on Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 3

On Tuesday, the third M+ season in which I actively participated came to an end, and I wanted to jot down some thoughts on it again. In general, I've been very happy with our little group's progress, something I already talked about in my post about timing my first ever +15. This was also reflected in my rating, as I broke 2k for the first time, finishing with about 400 more rating than I achieved in season two.

I heard that season three has been easier than other seasons of the recent past, and that this also made it more popular, but at least to me, that doesn't take away from my personal sense of achievement. I'm not sure we'll be able to climb much higher in the future than we did this time, but then, Season 4 will also have that systems revamp that will have us spending time in M0 at least for the first few weeks, so we'll see how that goes.

I just wanted to do a quick ranking of the season three dungeons again, because boy, did I have opinions on these. Let's go from favourite to least favourite like last time:

Black Rook Hold

This was the first dungeon we timed on +15 and it was also the dungeon that consistently felt the most doable for our group throughout this season. I didn't play during Legion so I only have the vaguest familiarity with that expansion's instances from Timewalking (which doesn't really teach you anything beyond the most basic dungeon layout), but the bosses all felt very straightforward and like they didn't require any crazy dancing. I've generally noticed that I've liked all the Legion dungeons I've seen in M+, while BfA dungeons have been a bit more hit or miss.

Waycrest Manor

Waycrest Manor was another hit though, and the only other dungeon we timed on +15 on both fortified and tyrannical. The tight corridors were a bit annoying and we had more than one "incident" with people getting lost in the hallways (apparently it used to be even worse with some doors being locked randomly in the past?!) but once again, the bosses were very straightforward and the trash not too bad either. I just hated the Thornspeakers and their infected thorns, a painful disease which as an evoker wasn't covered by my regular dispel and which our dps often failed to interrupt.


I didn't play during WoD either, and I've mostly liked the WoD dungeons featured in the M+ rotation as well. Everbloom is a pretty-looking place and about half the bosses are very straightforward. The Ancient Guardians vexed us for a while, but we eventually got there. (It was funny when we brought our more experienced advisor along for one run and he was really surprised by how we'd been doing the fight because according to him it seemed to require the healer to do a lot of unnecessary heavy lifting, something that wasn't going to be possible on higher keys. That just felt very validating to me.) The mage lady and her trash could also be brutal but I don't know, for some reason I didn't mind her too much either.

Darkheart Thicket

Another Legion dungeon, and to be honest I still liked this one overall as well. The most annoying things about it were the trash density, which made it extremely easy for one of us to accidentally back into something and overpull, and the long runbacks in some places if you wipe. I remember failing the timer in here more than once not so much due to a huge number of deaths but because we wiped in a bad place and it took sooo long to get back to where we were. The last boss is also a bit unforgiving in the sense that if you lose even one person, you quickly get mechanics overlapping on other people that become harder and harder to deal with, which can cause things to snowball into an almost inevitable fail cascade.

Throne of the Tides

After seeing what Blizzard did to Altairus in Vortex Pinnacle in season two, I was rather worried about what they'd do to this Cataclysm dungeon for M+, but fortunately it wasn't quite as bad. We just had way too many wipes in here, both on trash and on the second and last boss. We did learn to deal with all of it in the end, but it was more painful to get there than in most other dungeons.


This is a case of a BfA "miss" for me, which is a bit of a shame as I generally love troll dungeons and it's got both a cool theme and beautiful visuals. However, I found its trash to be really annoying as a healer, and almost all the bosses were annoying in one way or another as well. The golden priestess was probably the least painful, just making me sigh sadly when I realised that saying "this mechanic is just like Hakkar" meant nothing to anyone in my little group of friends. The big troll dude was an insane heal check at the start whenever the dps took their sweet time taking down his totems. Rezan was just annoying with his bugginess (which is something I actually read about, so I know it wasn't just me), meaning you had to be very careful while running away from him as taking a step in the wrong direction could cause the game to instantly snap you into his mouth instead (apparently as an anti-exploiter measure, but it seems that in practice it just makes the fight much harder for normal players trying to run away while also having to make sure to not run away too hard). Apparently bringing a night elf allows you to negate the mechanic completely but we didn't have one in our group. And don't even get me started on Yazma and her spiders, which I think we also did wrong in some way for a lot of the season. Just ugh.

Murozond's Rise

I had my reservations about the mega-dungeon from the moment its inclusion in season three was announced, as we hadn't even been able to beat the first boss in M0 when it first came out. It was indeed retuned for M+ to bring the difficulty more in line with the other dungeons, but even so, it still felt like a clusterfuck from start to finish for me. Starting with the names for the two halves of the dungeon, which to this day I can't correctly connect to the right half, meaning I have to look up which bosses are actually tied to which name every time (including while writing this post). This is the second half of the dungeon, which I minded slightly less as a healer (though I still didn't like it overall). We probably had more wipes on Tyr than on any other boss because he actually requires all of the damage dealers to do a lot of stuff correctly in a way that others can't compensate for, and Time-Lost Battlefield always felt like an encounter that should be relatively easy but that we still managed to screw up more than a few times. Morchie and Deios were okay I guess.

Galakrond's Fall

I disliked the first half of the dungeon more because of the Manifested Timeways boss, which was the boss I hated the most of all of the season three M+ dungeon bosses, primarily due to its requirement to keep moving non-stop. It's not particularly demanding movement when looked at in isolation, but I just found AoE healing as an evoker while almost never being allowed to stand still, while also making sure to dispel people at the right time and dodging orbs, to be way too much for my brain. We did get the hang of it after a while, but I still dreaded the fight every time. Chronikar and Blight of Galakrond were okay I guess, but Iridikron was another pretty brutal boss. In fact, he was my prime example for how the reduced damage in lower keys can teach you to do things wrong, because the way it was at the beginning, we always struggled with Manifested Timeways due to my healing issues, but once we got past that it was completely smooth sailing. Then we did the dungeon on a difficulty higher than +10 for the first time, one-shot the Timeways - and then wiped on Iridikron for half an hour or more because it turns out at that level you can't be healed through standing in the bad anymore, you actually have to dodge all of it, which was a nasty surprise for people and took a long time to get right. I'll be glad to never see this dungeon on mythic difficulty again.

At the end of my Season 2 in review post, I mentioned how we'd had some epiphanies in the very last week of the season, such as that we had been doing two bosses in Underrot wrong all along. There was a funny equivalent to this in Season 3, as something I had done to my Deadly Boss Mods suddenly made it come to life during our last week in a way it hadn't been before. I'd had it installed for months already, but I guess I was missing an important module or something since it didn't really tell me about anything but the affix mechanics. I just didn't realise that wasn't how it was supposed to work! Then during our last week it suddenly started yelling at me about dispels and moving out of stuff and I was just in awe of how much more audio support I could have had all along - and it made me wonder how some of our addon-loving damage dealers were still so bad at standing in things when they've had DBM yelling at them the entire time. I just thought it was funny.


  1. Waycrest Manor did have multiple paths through the place on the lower difficulties. They couldn't do that with anything timed, of course, but I guess the idea of the doors was to make the dungeon feel 'fresher' over the course of the expansion since you wouldn't always be taking the same path. It's a nice idea, but not one in practice since people got annoyed that their time was 'wasted' by having to figure out the path they needed.

    Black Rock Hold isn't bad, but I always hated the stairs and having to dodge the boulders. I still screw that up at times even today. :)

    Darkheart Thicket was always a bit of fun because the first boss would acknowledge any druid in the party who had an artifact weapon. It's nice when the game has a bit of this sort of flavor about things.

    DBM is always interesting in that it seems to want to tell you what to do, whereas BigWigs seems to want to tell you that you need to do something. Both are good, both can have issues in dungeons (as opposed to raids) it seems. It is funny that DBM started to help you at the end. It is as if it was sleeping through most of the season and then suddenly woke up and realized it needed to help you. :D

    1. We had our fair share of boulder deaths in Black Rook Hold as well, but someone pretty much always made it to the top on their first try, and since that then stops the boulders for everyone else, it wasn't too much of a distraction usually. I'd say the zig-zaggy thing in... whichever half of Dawn of the Infinites it is - is worse because while it doesn't kill you it's much longer and always took us a lot more time to get the whole party through.

      I saw the druid shout-out in Darkheart during Timewalking before and thought that was neat.

    2. I haven't done Dawn of the Infinites, yet. My group had gone dormant by the time it came out and I wasn't needing to run dungeons for anything casual. I should probably try it sometime before the expansion ends.