Did somebody say... Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?

I've previously talked about how I ended up being a social member of a raiding guild on my Horde characters in WoW Classic. I'll also be honest and admit that I have wondered occasionally whether I wouldn't be better off in a more casual levelling guild, especially after the friends that had originally rolled characters with me all quit and I was nothing but a lonely leveller in a guild of raiders. But inertia is a powerful force, and ever since I hit 60 I have occasionally benefitted from things like being invited to super smooth guild dungeon runs.

This Tuesday though was one of those evenings where being in a raiding guild definitely paid off.

You see, a couple of weeks ago the guild's main tank had acquired his second Binding of the Windseeker, meaning that he was now in possession of both of the rare drops from Molten Core needed to craft Thunderfury, Classic's legendary (in more than one way) sword.

It wasn't quite that straightforward though, as there are also a lot of expensive crafting materials involved, and those couldn't just be conjured on the spot. The tank didn't explicitly ask anyone to give him stuff, but he did comment that there were still a lot of Arcanite Bars to go and that he'd appreciate any help, so I instantly mailed him my three recently acquired Arcanite Crystals free of charge, even as a part of my brain was quietly screaming: "What are you doing? Those are worth like 150 gold and you still don't even have an epic mount!"

But things are just different in Classic. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a guild to get someone a Thunderfury. You just know this and take pride in being able to contribute, even as a social member.

After that I definitely wanted to be there for the final forging though, so I made sure to keep a close eye on the guild's Discord from then on, in order not to miss the point when material gathering was complete and the tank would want to assemble a raid to challenge Prince Thunderaan for his weapon (who is also a raid boss, if not a "proper" one, so you do need extra warm bodies to finish the quest).

And Tuesday night was the night! The note said that it was going to happen once the Molten Core pug organised by the guild was finished - fortunately the guild leader was streaming the run, so I opened the stream in a secondary tab to keep an eye on their progress while doing something else, and once they'd downed Raggy I logged back on my hunter and made a beeline for the Crystal Vale in Silithus.

I was so excited that I recorded the whole thing:

Even including time for summons and so on, the whole shebang was over in less than ten minutes, but that didn't make it any less memorable to me. It's just not an event that most players will take part in more than once, if ever, so I was happy to be there, kill a boss the size of a small tower and feel epic. It was definitely worth it too, and seeing everyone else's excitement and happiness for the tank just gave me warm fuzzies. What's not to love?


  1. Wooo!!!!

    To be honest, it's a Trade Chat meme come to life. I can't tell you how many "selling Thunderfury for [insert ridiculous item here]" Trade Chat items I've seen, but to see the real thing is awesome.

    1. I know, right? Everyone memes about it (which is why I used the well-known line as my title for this blog post), but not so many people have even seen one in game I think, and being there to help with forging one has to be even rarer. So I feel privileged to have been there!