Don't Click Anything!

The more often I run Blackfathom Deeps in Classic, the more I love it. It's an instance that I've been fond of for a very long time, partially due to its atmosphere and partially due to nostalgia, but in Classic I've also come to realise that it really brings out both the best and the worst in people... and the game.

My nelf hunter had already done it once, in a run that had been very smooth and perfectly enjoyable, but despite of the group being very thorough and killing almost every mob in the instance, I still finished with 7 out of 8 naga brains and 8 out of 10 Twilight Pendants in terms of quest progress.

Now, the former I would have been able to get from the mobs outside the instance as well, but the latter were a lot trickier, so I really just wanted to join another run to ensure that I'd be able to complete both quests. So I did get another group on Saturday... eventually. I'm learning that group assembly can take a lot longer on Hydraxian Waterlords than on Pyrewood Village.

The party was led by a male rogue and a female paladin who gave me couple vibes. At least the rogue also gave the impression of someone who'd returned to the game after a long absence, as he clearly had some knowledge of the dungeon but was fuzzy on a lot of details.

Our tank was a male paladin who was actually a very good tank but by his own admission didn't really know the instance. The group was rounded out by a second hunter, this one a male dwarf.

Things started out smoothly enough, though the other hunter forgot to breathe at one point while we were fighting in the water and drowned himself.

When we got to the murloc room, I warned that the murlocs had a habit of running and aggroing the entire room. The tank went in, murlocs ran, we aggroed the entire room. And wiped of course. The tank apologised as we made the corpse run, but I told him it was fine and at least now he knew just what could happen. The second time around he made sure to pull back a bit more and things went fine.

The next interesting moment occurred as we entered the cavern leading up to the temple. We ended up with a pull that was way too big and only barely scraped by. Then just as we breathed a sigh of relief at having come through after all, I saw the rogue back into yet another group. Nooo...! People died and I did that shameful thing where instead of fighting I grabbed my loot first, because at that moment I wasn't sure things were going to work out and I really wanted to get my last pendant, okay?

But after I had it, both the tank and the other hunter were still alive, so I joined them in fighting. It was super manic, with mobs and pets going everywhere and the tank bubbling himself with only a sliver of health left, but somehow we made it through so that the other two could be resed and didn't have to make another corpse run.

In front of the temple the dwarf randomly fell off the walkway, couldn't find his way up again and died. By that point I had started to file him away under "a bit of a dork".

As soon as Kelris was dead I made sure to put into chat that people shouldn't click on the braziers because they would summon mobs and we could only fight one group at a time. As soon as I had typed this though, the tank went up to one brazier to click, while the dorky dwarf went up to another. Both me and the rogue went "nooo" in chat but it was too late.

I declared it a wipe and dived around a corner like the coward that I am because I wasn't actually in combat, didn't have Feign Death yet and really didn't fancy another corpse run. The others tried to fight but died very quickly, with the rogue only just managing to vanish in time.

Once the dead had made it back, we finished the rest of the dungeon just fine, but the whole situation with people running up to click things right as I was telling them not to do that very thing reminded me eerily of this UberDanger video, which still makes me break into giggles upon rewatching (it should start at the relevant point in time, but the whole thing is worth watching really - just be aware there's swearing):


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  1. Running up to click things in BFD is part of our own group's lore. Whenever we go there the tale of the first run and clicking all the things, and the subsequent wipe, has to come up.

    1. I actually don't think we wiped the first time I went in there... I'm not sure though; I just figure that if we had, it probably would have been memorable enough to remember. I'm pretty sure we had someone who knew what to do tell us not to click the things.

  2. I love this dungeon thematically, but it's just so long. That tunnel bit after the turtle cave seems a lot longer than I remember it. We've had to call a few runs because we just didn't have time to finish them. That said, we rarely have 5, sometimes only 3 players in group; so that's more our fault than the dungeons...

  3. Wait, why is this skeletal head in the middle of the desert clickable? :P

    1. I don't think that ever caught me out either! Though I do have vague memories of being surprised by a certain clicky on Imperial Taris...

  4. I hate to say it, but the old MMO "don't touch anything!!" dictum served me well in Wildstar. Those years running BFD and other old WoW instances taught me to not do anything stupid in a game notorious for that sort of stuff.

    So thanks to BFD, I didn't end up looking like an idiot in other MMOs.

    And I guess I'm a lot like the Dwarf: I'm a dork in that I typically fall off of the walls in BFD, no matter how hard I try.

    1. Haha, but we weren't even trying to run along the top of the walls! We were just fighting on the platform right in front of the temple entrance. I guess he wanted to gain more range to shoot things or something, but he chose to go in the worst possible direction.